A blog is a type of website that gives you the opportunity to easily post articles and engage with your audience. Being a successful blog is all about creating traffic and attracting visitors who become engaged with your content. To do this, you have to talk about what excites you in your own way!

If you then want to have regular visitors, an audience, it is important to have strong links with it. This leads us to talk about the blogging paradox. I will also explain how you can talk, in your own way, about what excites you.  

The blogging paradox presents a difficulty for many bloggers. The major advantage of blogging is that starting a blog is open to everyone. You don’t need specific knowledge or conditions to enter this world. To start your blog, just watch a tutorial and follow its instructions. I created my blog myself with just a few clicks and then started posting quickly. It is also quite possible to create your blog and publish your first article on the same day.

On the other hand, the ease of access to the world of blogging has a drawback, since it cancels the selection of bloggers. Several users resort to imitation. Once a blog stands out for its content, several copies are created to share this success without difficulty. Just create a blog that deals with the same theme of the copied blog and change its name using synonyms. After the creation of my blog S├ęduction by Night, I noticed the creation of a new blog called S├ęduction by Day.

As a result, visitors will have the impression of navigating between copies! In the absence of authenticity and specificity of blogs we can no longer speak of engagement and loyal audience.

To avoid falling into this trap, you have to think about content that belongs to you. At the time, for example, I was one of the very rare bloggers who talked about seduction. I was fortunate enough to arrive at the right time, before the unloading of carbon copies what I would call ZEROX blogs. 

In the world of blogging, either you are in an ocean full of fish and you are trying to differentiate yourself, or you are in an ocean where you are the only fish but you have to make sure to be a big fish very quickly in order to ” prevent the other little ones who launch out to look like you.

Hence the importance of having a unique voice for your blog. You need to create content that introduces yourself and tells your story that cannot be experienced by yourself alone. To give you an example, when I started my blog Seduction by Night, I left my house every day. I chatted with as many strangers as possible on the street and shared our conversations on my blog.

My blog name can be copied, but not my life and my conversations with people! It’s a story that belongs to me. It is impossible to go through the same conditions and experiences as others.

The second point to emphasize is that by having a unique experience, just like your background, you will also create a style that sets you apart from the crowd. Your articles will be recognized even if you don’t leave your signature on them.

When writing your articles, you should definitely think about personalizing your content. It is thus essential to touch the interests of your target but without forgetting to emphasize your own style of writing. This is an important point that you should be concerned about when working on the design of a post before it is posted to the blog.

It should also be borne in mind that blogging is not a war. It is a passion to share. You can’t please everyone. Healthy competition is always beneficial in creating wealth and diversity. 

Ultimately, the secret to your blog’s success is to stand out from the crowd. It is also important to think about the readers when writing your articles so that they are adapted to their expectations. Stimulate your creativity and let your unique voice speak.

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