Companies in order to enter or gain new markets use several advertising strategies or various marketing techniques.

We can cite with a shovel they are called:

  • celebrity marketing,
  • naming,
  • teasing ranging from transactional to relational marketing.

While these strategies have paid off in many cases, the world has changed and so has the way.

There is now the ICT revolution and by extension social networks which have become essential.


No need to request the services of communication companies to do a survey, almost everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account and in some countries there are social networks targeted around a theme or for a type of people. particular.

While many companies have based their strategy to secure and retain their customers via social networks, others are still reluctant to do so.

If it is true that social networks are an entertaining environment, they are nonetheless a real business opportunity , you just have to know how to use them well.

Certainly, social networks will contribute:

  • to make you better known,
  • to exhibit your products,
  • and highlight the services offered.

Yes, you can inexpensively increase the number of recipients of messages that concern your business by ten or a hundred while having a global reach if you wish.

In particular via Facebook advertising, which today is one of the most powerful and least expensive advertising tools, all media combined.


For top companies, this will allow you to establish your leadership, for those at the start of their activity or in expansion, it is a boon because social networks are an easy-to-access showcase with fantastic visibility.

But to do this you need to use your social media profiles in an efficient way – in other words, make sure you stick to the social media spirit while getting your messages across.

Basically, you have to make sure to combine the useful with the pleasant with content that is certainly pleasant but relevant that can make the mouths of potential customers.


To do this, there is nothing simpler you must ensure that your wall on Facebook or Twitter is:

  • a space for sharing, discussion,
  • with varied contents,
  • where your customers will feel they have a say,
  • and that their opinion will be taken into account.

What we suggest is to make sure to create traffic not to your website but to your fun and accessible Facebook page .

In addition you can create a “springboard” with your website by putting links that will give direct access.

In short, social media is better than prime time advertising on the best TVs with the best audience.

Yes, we can prospect at any time and in all circumstances by trying to have new customers and especially to retain them.

Better still, we can even tend to increase our earnings with sales that can increase.

Companies also use social networks to know how customers feel about products and their strategy so they can improve themselves while encouraging customers / prospects to come to them and create a “frank dialogue”.

With social networks, the client-business relationship is more cordial, simplified and more “instinctive” and that’s good for everyone.

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