You have to see things in the order in which the end visitor will browse your site, discover your product, pay for it and receive it. 

For this, you can make a diagram or a checklist to give yourself clarity and not to forget anything. 

You have a blog with a home page made up of articles and videos. Until today, your partners have brought you traffic to your site: a flow of prospects. 

Let’s focus on the registration page first.


In your sales process, you will need a registration page with: 

  • a capture page for emails, 
  • a syndication bonus offered in exchange for the email. 

Your prospects have subscribed to your blog, now you have your mailing list, on your autoresponder. 

The autoresponder is the software that manages the sending of emails to your prospects. 

In order for your prospects to buy, you will send them an email asking them to go see your last article or your last video on your site. This will allow them to discover your offer. 

To do this, do not tell them directly that you want to sell them your product, but rather offer videos with explanations that reveal that your product is for sale.

Which brings us to:


When your prospect receives your email, they have to land on a web page, discover your sales video on your blog or the text that makes them want to buy the product. 

There are two ways to do this from this sales page. 

We will first see the most commonly used but the least effective. 

The sales page will consist of: 

  • a button “click here to pay” 
  • a payment page with the accepted payment methods
  • the thank you page for purchasing the product

If you are using this method let me tell you that you are currently losing huge amounts of money. 

In the same way, if you use the 3d Secure system, a system allowing to reduce the number of frauds, of course, but so complicated that many prospects will not follow up on the purchase because they do not have the confirmation code of this system. 

This loss is estimated at a percentage equivalent to about 40 to 60%. 

Quite simply because this system is so secure that it complicates the purchase for the prospect, he may even wonder how we got his cell phone number to send him this confirmation code and he may lose confidence and not succeed. purchase. 

This way can actually get you 1,000 people to your sales page, but in the end you will only have 100 sales, a loss of 90%. 

The 900 people who have evaporated you will not be able to find them anymore, because you have no way to contact them again. 

This is why we are going to see the second way to make a sales page so as not to lose so many leads:

  • you will add a capture form to retrieve the contact details of your prospects, which we will call “hot prospects”. This term refers to people who really want to buy your product and who would have clicked on “I’m interested”. 
  • prospects will arrive on a payment page,
  • then they will be on a “transient” confirmation page which again has a form, but a customer form to fill out.
  • to finally arrive on the real confirmation page which will lead to the delivery of the product. 

With this technique, you will have two more pages to complete but it will bring you a lot more sales. 

When you send your prospect on the customer form, this allows you to create an automatic rule in your autoresponder software that says that when a person becomes a customer, they must be removed from the “hot prospects” mailing list. 

This rule is essential for your system to work and allows you to automatically unsubscribe the prospect who has joined the customer list from the “hot prospect” list. 

This is to differentiate between prospects who are interested in your product and who have not made a purchase with those who have become customers. 

In the event of cart abandonment, you always have the option of relaunching them so that they can proceed to purchase. 

It will be necessary to set up an automatic sequence of reminders every day for a certain number of days. 

We advise you to start the reminders the day after your prospect visits your site. 

Capturing your “hot leads” can also allow you to set up a checkbox that they are really interested, or that they engage and want to participate in your training, for example. 

By just putting that little checkbox, it can lower your loss due to cart abandonment by 90-75%. 

Prospects have told you they’re engaged. 

This is a principle of persuasion called “commitment and consistency”. 

People want to be consistent with what they have told you and want to keep their word more. 

With your automatic recovery sequence, you will be able to recover at least 10% of cart abandonments. 

To take the example where 1000 people come to your blog you had 100 sales. 

Now you might have 75% cart abandonment which will get you 250 sales. 

Of the 750 cart abandonments, you can eventually recover 10% which will bring you to 325 sales in total. 

You will more than triple the number of sales on your website just by adding these forms and a few automatic sales emails. 

This is the reason why it is extremely important to put this whole procedure in place.

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