In this article, I’ll walk you through the four points of the technical side of publishing your content.

Let’s start with the format.


Are you going to publish articles, videos or podcasts? 

The choice of communication mode must be made by considering three filters: your market, your image and your skills.

Your market is the first filter just because some audiences don’t read, so there is no point in posting four-thousand-word articles. These people will watch the pictures, the videos, sometimes listen to podcasts although I really don’t recommend blogging in this form. The young audience does not want to read, the older audience who does not have the experience of technology will read but provided that the text is well readable, it is therefore absolutely necessary to avoid writing in white on a background. black (always favor dark over very light).

Depending on the product you are going to sell, depending on the character you want to project, you are going to necessarily be in a certain pattern. If someone has a site on how to publish a bestseller and all the articles are in audio or video form, it’s inconsistent. If a trainer runs a body language site and writes, it will be less convincing than showing it in person on camera. If your site is about motivation, it won’t work in writing. You have to show that you too have this motivation.

If writing an article is a real pain for you, then make videos. I wrote articles for a while on my blog about seduction, it took me three weeks to get one out. I then decided to talk about seduction in front of a camera, I know my subject, I can answer questions. Your skills correspond to what you are able to produce in a reasonable time. 

On the other hand, for some people, recording with audio is not an option. Maybe they don’t own the equipment, maybe they just feel uncomfortable. Recording in front of a computer requires practice in speaking clearly, having the right volume, the right intonation, the right rhythm. If you can’t stand having to tame your voice, don’t communicate through audio and video. We all have certain affinities, so we have to choose the format that suits us best.


If you write articles and use WordPress, it’s very easy. 

Regarding podcasts, I don’t recommend it. When making an audio file, I recommend that you take a PowerPoint, record it at the same time, so you also have a video. 

For file hosting, I use an Amazon service called S3 and Cloudberry software equivalent to FTP software. If you are not comfortable with FTP software, there is EZS3 very easy to use. This tool will allow you to upload a very large amount of data to Amazon hard drives. YouTube also works great for short videos.


Your best bet is to offer a fixed home page with an optimal “sales” message to captivate the prospect. You are not selling your product but signing up for the newsletter. 

Find tips for setting up your home page in this article: The secret to getting your blog started .


When you create the content, you will use a plugin called All in ONE SEO to search WordPress plugins. This software will configure everything for you, you just have to put “searchable” titles to your articles. Your headlines should look like what a person might actually be looking for in a search engine. 

For example, no one is looking for “BCPV strategy”, people will rather look for “how to make my blog profitable”. As the title of the article, I will then choose “How to make your blog profitable”. This way I get people to come to my blog doing their research. 

Then you have to insert subtitles in the article, use relevant expressions, highlight (bold, italics) the important words. These elements will make it possible to have a blog that is easy to understand for a search engine.

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