In this article, we will see how to increase traffic to your site through search engine positioning and more specifically on Google.

You want to be positioned so that the Internet user by doing a search in Google finds your website. 

This means that Google needs to know that your site is talking about the keyword you are looking for. 

Know that on the majority of business, entrepreneur or blog sites, the person who wants to be positioned forgets that it is important to include on their site the keyword on which they want to be positioned. 

Google can’t know the topic of your site if you don’t mention it on your site. 

Let’s take an example. You offer sports coaching in Saint-Nazaire. If you want to practice this activity in Saint-Nazaire and other surrounding municipalities, you must absolutely list these municipalities on your site. 

Thus, you must create a list of 5 keywords relating to your product / service / site and incorporate them into the body of the text of your site and in particular on the home page and in the title. 


The most important thing on a page is the title of the page. We mean by title, the tag that is at the top of the page with the source code of the page which means that in the title bar of the browser will be written the title of your site. It does not appear on the page but in the browser. 

If your text talks about sports coaching in Saint-Nazaire but in the title you did not mention the keyword “Saint-Nazaire sports coach”, another person may be better positioned than you if in the title of their page it includes this keyword. 

The first thing to do is to have the keyword in the title because it is very important to Google.

This keyword is the expression on which we want to position ourselves, so it is important that it is also present several times on your page. 


You can use for example tags on WordPress. When you write an article or when you create a page on WordPress, you can specify the subject of your content and thus include in the tags the keywords on which you want to rank.

Choosing your keyword is important because it will generate pages that will bring you back traffic. 


There are some advantages of having a blog over a traditional site. Indeed, there are some tools that can automate this task. 

You have the option of using extensions. The two most popular extensions are “All in One SEO” and “Platinum SEO”. They are similar and free. 

When you install one of these plugins on a WordPress blog: 

  • It asks you on the home page which expressions you want to reference. This allows you to choose your title. 
  • It asks you what is the description of the page in one or two sentences that describe the content. 

The description is not one of the essential criteria to be positioned, on the other hand, it is what appears in the results under the address of the page. 

It is also important to put the keyword at the beginning of the description so that it appears in bold in Google results so that people click on it more. 

It also allows Google to count whether people click more on a particular result. It’s an indicator that tells Google if a lot of people are interested in that page. If this is the case, it will tend to rise in the results. 

When the plugin asks you, in the description, you can for example write “Do you want a sports coach in the Saint-Nazaire region?” Click here ! ” 

Putting “Click here!” In your description is a call to action that helps increase the click-through rate in Google results. Moreover, this trick is rarely used. 

Subsequently, when you write a new page or a new article, the extensions will allow you to optimize the title and will take part of the text that is in the page and communicate it to Google. 

This way, Google will know what to display as the description of the page. This increases the SEO of every page on your site dramatically. 

In summary, the methodology to be applied is as follows: 

  • Choose 5 keywords, 
  • Optimize your site by including these keywords, starting with the home page, 
  • Check that at the beginning of the title you have the essential keywords,
  • Then, check that the body of the text contains these keywords, preferably highlighted (in bold, italics …) 

If you find that your site doesn’t have all of these, you’ll need to add some content to your homepage. 

This content must be highest on your page: this will increase your SEO. 

  • Avoid putting a block at the top of the page, 
  • Instead, put a first paragraph with your keywords and so on. 
  • Speak directly to people to offer them what they are looking for, instead of talking about who you are, it will be more convincing. 

If a phrase becomes more relevant to Google, you’ll quickly see your page move up in the search results rankings. 

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