Content creation plays a fundamental role in the development of your business. Well-written content will allow you to quickly build partnerships, expand your audience and generate sales. 

Some people think that it is essential to create blog content for several years before having an audience ready to buy its products / services. 

However, it is possible to take all the necessary steps in order, taking the shortest route to make sales from your blog in the least amount of time.

Once you’ve created your blog and chosen your theme, consider putting in place an effective plan of attack. In order to get your blog or website off to a good start, it is crucial to understand a very important concept: flagship content.

There are many ways to think about blog content in order to make it profitable. The method I have adopted to make my blog profitable is to minimize the time it takes to write articles. To achieve such a result, it is necessary to:

  • Create original content;
  • Structure your articles.

Let’s start with the first point.


Here is a list of the main criteria for writing flagship content, that is, content that will allow you to position yourself at the top of your market:

  • Originality: given the number of existing blogs, the question is: Is there a subject that has not yet been addressed in order to create original content? Fortunately, the answer is yes! You can always create original content, even if the topic has already been covered by other bloggers. To do this, you just need to give a unique voice to your blog and your articles.
  • Specificity: Generally, blog posts in your domain are written at random. Bloggers who think about structuring the article before it is written are rare. The structuring of your articles is an important lever to create specific content.
  • Timelessness: this type of content attracts your visitors constantly as it is not limited by a specific duration unlike current topics that interest them visitors during a specific period.

In order to generate sales from your blog, consider writing original, specific, timeless articles and following a well-defined structure.

This brings us to the second point.


Simply following a personalized structure in writing your articles allows you to give your blog a unique voice. 

A structured article is naturally more readable and understandable. 

This allows readers to digest your content in a fluid manner and will more easily lead to sales generation.

When I started my “Drague TV” video blog, I realized that it was essential to organize my ideas and choose a specific theme around which to develop the content of my videos.  

Once you have chosen your theme, set up a structure that will allow you to develop your ideas more clearly and quickly.   

Personally, for some blogs I use the following structure:

  1. Greetings. I start my videos by greeting the spectators.
  2. My presentation. Before developing my content, I introduce myself to my viewers.
  3. Announce the promise. It is about specifying the value brought by the proposed content.
  4. Announce the plan. To attract viewers and get them to watch my video, I announce the shot or the question I’m going to answer. The outline is not necessary for a short article or a short video, but generally it gives value to your content and gives you a more professional image.
  5. The “why” In order to develop my content, I start by telling an anecdote, evoking an event that happened to me or I share a testimony to highlight, again, the importance of the proposed content.
  6. The concept. This is the central idea that stands on its own and allows Internet users to move forward towards the end result. It is during this stage that you can introduce new concepts to have original content. If this is your first time to tackle a topic or concept, it’s up to you to name it. Simply presenting a new concept and giving it a name gives you a position of authority. By defining a new concept in your own way and with your own words, you become a benchmark in the sector.
  7. The method. Explain how prospects benefit from this new concept by giving instructions to follow and a plan to follow step by step. If you are writing a general article and you are not presenting a concept that follows instructions, consider addressing the different aspects of the proposed topic and revealing the points to be aware of.
  8. The examples. No matter your subject and your theme, this point allows you to differentiate yourself from most people who blog around the same theme. It is about giving examples and introducing names, numbers and concrete examples to give credibility to your content. Use your expertise to convince your prospects and to make your concept a reality.
  9. Recap and summarize the content.  
  10. Ends greetings and a call to action.

If you make a habit of following these steps in all the articles you create and the videos you post to your blog, no matter what topic you are dealing with, even if it is covered everywhere else, you quickly become a reference. on the theme. This structure attracts visitors and subsequently increases your chances of generating more sales. 

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