In this article, I am going to walk you through how to start your blog in the best possible way using the BCPV strategy. 

The nomenclature of the BCPV strategy comes from the abbreviation of various fundamental ingredients of this strategy: the Blog, the Content, the Partnership and the Sales. 

I will define this strategy by explaining its different parts and how to use them to start your blog.


First question that comes up very frequently: should you have a website or a blog? 

Personally, my favorite solution is to have a page, seen as a website by your prospects, managed by a blog tool. 

A concrete example, I have a site called Seduction By Night to sell seduction workshops. On the home page of this site, you will find a small presentation about the flirting, testimonials and thank you messages from customers, video lessons and a newsletter subscription form. It is a classic site that sells services, namely seminars and a physical product which is the DVD. 

The structure of this page is similar to that of a classic site, but is made from a blog tool: WordPress. 

Besides, I highly recommend this tool when you start your blog, it is the most complete and the easiest tool to use. 

So my recommendation is to start with a blog and you insert the elements of a classic site: the home page and the static pages. 

Let’s take the example of the Seduction By Night site, on which I distinguished the home page from the other pages of the blog. 

I recommend that you use tools like WordPress rather than other recommended tools like Builders or Joomla sites, for the simple reason that these tools that are used to create sites are really gas factories. 

Most businesses don’t need a lot of pages and different sections, especially if it’s not an e-commerce site.

Everything you need to start your blog:

  • Home page ;
  • Some static pages;
  • A page with your general conditions and legal notices;
  • A page that sells your flagship product;        
  • The essential elements that you must put in place on your blog;
  • A page which offers a subscription to the newsletter;


On your home page, you choose whether you want to display the latest articles or a static page. 

On my site Le Marketeur Français, I don’t follow my own advice, my home page lists the latest articles. The reason is that it is being redesigned and also because at the root of the Le Marketeur Français site, there is a static page as there was a technical test set up on the blog. 

However, the optimal setting is to set up a static home page that shows what you are doing. Then, you create a blank page which will only serve to represent the news page which will have the list of your last articles. 

I have dedicated this page to my Le Marketeur Français site to present my activities, my services as a consultant for Orchestrated Launches , the necessary conditions and the contact form.

It is crucial that your home page has a purpose. Generally speaking, this goal is to captivate the prospect. The role of this page is to encourage visitors to enter their contact details. Selling the product is possibly one of the goals of the home page.  

On the home page, it is essential to insert at least one call to action. It’s best to phrase this call to action appropriately on each page to reflect the purpose of your homepage.   


The first essential criterion in the design of your blog is readability. Error on my blog Seduction By Night, to opt for a black background with white writing. I recommend avoiding this choice of inverted colors because it makes your content unreadable. On the other hand, writing in a dark color on a light background is the best choice for your blog design. 

Also consider creating a graphic charter that sets you apart from other sites in your sector. By relying on existing templates to create your site, you are confusing the prospect’s mind. On the other hand, by copying the design from another site, your prospect will find you untrustworthy, especially if that site is close to your industry.


The next step is to develop your plan of attack to define the topics that will be covered on your blog. 

In advance, I recommend that you determine your product / service that you want to sell. Some training courses deal with this subject, such as Blogger Pro by Olivier Roland and Bloguer et Gain by Aurélien Amacker. 

Otherwise, if you are a member of Allure The Client, you will have video blogging training that answers these types of questions.  

These are the basic elements essential for starting a blog which will serve as a platform thereafter to apply the BCPV strategy. 

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