When you contact an entrepreneur for an interview, I invite you to think systematically about the type of questions to ask. Often these questions revolve around the same topic. Granted, they can be of value, since it’s important to tell stories in your content every now and then. But from the customer’s point of view, would they be willing to pay for a product / service where the three essential questions they find answers to are:  

  • Presentation of the entrepreneur;
  • Description of the route;
  • Product / service identification.

To be successful in your interviews, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to anticipate the responses they will need to purchase the product / service.

I offer you some models of questions and each time I give you a concrete example. These questions are taken from a guide called The Guide to Successful Interviewing . It is an information product in PDF format, which I prepared to guide bloggers who offer me interviews. 

My goal is to create interesting and dynamic audio content that attracts prospects. 

The first thing you need to have in your interview is to define the client’s goal. To do this, it is essential to discover how to obtain and understand their reactions in order to adapt your communication and increase your sales. In other words, try to specify the educational objective of the interview you are conducting with your guest. So even if you don’t use the interview transcript as audio content for your information product, you’ll be able to tap into the most important part.

For the first question of your interview you should not ask the interviewee to introduce themselves. It’s up to you to introduce your guest using the data retrieved in advance.  

  1. Why is it essential to + topic of the interview?

This question should be asked at the start of your interview to captivate the audience. Indeed, it is a question of motivation to encourage your prospects to listen to the interview until the end.

  1. What reactions should you watch out for while presenting the sales message?

This question aims to collect the reactions and objections of your prospects when you sell a product at a distance, for example on the Internet or in a catalog. 

  1. What are the most frequent obstacles?

In the beginning, you motivated your prospects to listen to the interview until the end. Subsequently, you cited the signs they must follow to be sure they are on the right path. And following this question, your prospects know in advance the obstacles they will encounter.

  1. Can we prepare in advance for potential customer objections? 

In this case, it is possible to use predefined solutions to deal with the objections of your prospects.

  1. What to do when you get stuck?

The missing question that will automatically come to your prospect’s mind is what to do when he hits an obstacle.

  1. What is the error that kills?

This question is of interest to the prospect. If your activity consists in training sports coaches, in the list of your arguments to sell your service, you propose to your prospects to reveal the fatal error which will cost you a fortune.   

  1. How far should we go in the direction of the customer?

This is an optional question but I recommend that you include it in the list of questions to ask during the interview. This question will allow you to play on a sensitive chord.

For a product on love advice, the question asked will be: How far can you go as a seducer and where should you stop?

Let’s take another example. If you have a high-end product and you have to respond to a price objection, how do you avoid appearing inconsistent? 

  1. How can we benefit from your product / service?

This is the last part of the interview dedicated to the expert to sell and promote. This question allows both to reassure your guest and to get real answers to the previous questions and not a simple advertisement.

  1. How to retrieve customer reviews?

    10. How can the reviews and testimonials be used afterwards?

These questions are also essential in your information product if you are writing it yourself. 

By using this type of question template and including it in your offer, you succeed in creating a compelling offer.  

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