One type of benchmark action is optimization on a site. In addition to what is done on a site, there is also external optimization.

You can have the most optimized site in the world, but if no one is talking about it on the Internet, it’s fishy and the quality is probably not there.

It is important to be well referenced on the search engines . The principle of search engines is to try to align with what humans do. If everyone loves your website, it will be highlighted by search engines, and if your site does not appeal to the public, Google will quickly notice it and stop promoting you.

One of the essentials that will boost your site in the search engines is the amount of external links. Just as your page is going to be well referenced on the inside because it is important, it is also necessary that your site is well referenced on the outside, that is to say that it takes a lot of external links to your site.


One strategy that helps your site get talked about is the directory strategy. This technique continues to work, although it decreases over time. You have quality links on the directories because you have a page dedicated to your site so you will have links that will point to your site.

The directory is, as its name suggests, a site that lists other websites on a topic. You can add your site to these directories for free. Ideally, sort them by adding your site to the big directories first, then to the medium ones, and then to the small ones.

For the directory strategy to be more effective, it is necessary that you use keywords. You should not put the name of your company but the name of your activity, for example “sports coach”. A single keyword is enough because the longer it is, the more the audience and Google will be lost.

You will therefore register in several directories, preferably have a rhythm and register on several per day if you have the time. The most important thing, however, is not to subscribe to lots of directories all at once, but rather to do it over time.


A second strategy to rank better on Google is to ask yourself who is already ranked in your field. If ten people are well known to Google as being the experts on a given keyword, imagine the impact if these people were talking about you.

A good strategy is therefore to research each of the keywords, look at what is positioned and ask yourself if you can get a link from that site to your site. If the site is a blog this is the easiest way because only a comment with the link of your site can suffice. Your comment should be interesting and not just be a simple advertisement for your site. It should add value to the person’s blog as well.

It is also important not to put your site address in the comment. A field is provided for this purpose so it is unnecessary to add the address of your site in the content of your comment.

If the top ranking sites aren’t blogs, then you can try to get link exchanges. You must verify that you have enough links going to your site and for that you will register it on directories using each of the keywords and you will also search for each of the keywords which is first on Google and try to get a link exchange or post a comment with your site link in case it is a blog.

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