To help you find the unique voice for your blog, I would like to share with you the example of Roxana Hersans to give you a concrete case and help you better understand the importance of each step.

To recap, Roxana is in the design phase of a professional blog. She needs to define her strategy before getting started. She offers personalized coaching programs in the field of nutrition. Initially, her programs will be mostly private, but she is considering creating group programs via webinars in the near future. Roxana also wants to develop an online business and sell a highly targeted nutritional service on her blog.  

Let’s find out together the steps to follow to start a blog that suits you.


Roxana spent a period in England where she trained a small client base. To satisfy this audience, she opted for a blog in English with a fairly general theme. On the other hand, she plans to make her blog in French more targeted.

It is possible to have several blogs with different languages. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to succeed in all of your blogs. I have had the opportunity to discuss this point with bloggers who sell information products or other types of products on their blogs. Almost all of these bloggers have started multiple blogs, but no one has managed to monetize all of their blogs simultaneously or in the same year. Indeed, from the moment you have a project that takes off, you must focus on it and therefore you do not have time for several projects in parallel. To avoid wasting time, focus on the market that will allow you to take off the fastest thanks to the resources you have at your disposal.

When I discovered all the possible alternatives to launch an information product, I chose to do marketing training. But at the time, I realized that I did not yet have enough perspective to start this project immediately. In addition, I felt that I had more resources to continue my coaching activity in seduction. Therefore, I decided to develop this business and acquire new skills in the field of marketing before making the transition.


To avoid the dispersion of efforts, Roxana decided to develop her blog in French by sharing articles, creating content and publishing her coaching offers. 

As for the blog in English, it will serve as a platform on which it will share its products / services.

It is therefore not a question of abandoning the idea of ​​launching several blogs with different languages, but of identifying the most profitable market. The development of the latter must be the priority.

It is recommended that you aim to expand to other markets once you succeed in gaining your share of the current market.      


In order to attract your prospects, it is essential to provide a unique product / service.

Roxana’s approach is different. It does not require restrictions in its regime and it is open to receive anyone interested in its service. The solutions offered by Roxana are adapted according to the minds of its customers and the efforts they are ready to provide. 

Indeed, through her coaching program, she offers short-term slimming solutions to her clients and invites them to prepare for long-term goals in a very fluid and non-judgmental manner.

This approach is valid, but it is not defined in a strong enough and synthetic way.

The idea she put forward is to oppose the classic notion of diet and eliminate restrictions on certain foods, such as sugar or starches. Thus, she prevents customers from being frustrated, by the time she shatters all the myths relating to nutrition.


These myths, to be dispelled are for example:

  • Some foods are good and some are bad;
  • Certain foods should absolutely be avoided;
  • It is crucial to do difficult sports exercises;
  • It is absolutely necessary to eat particular foods to lose weight;
  • We must learn to deprive ourselves;
  • Slimming is a frenzied struggle against yourself.

It is essential to make the list of preconceived ideas to be destroyed in order to define the enemy ideas that you must tackle.

These myths will allow you to define your key beliefs that you will defend on your site through your articles and your content.   

When a prospect signs up on my dating advice site for single men, the first article they receive by email is: can we seduce 100% of the women we approach?

In my very particular industry which is called the dating community, there is the legend that says that if you are a perfect seducer you can approach any girl. So this is the first received idea that I tackle.


Roxana’s blog will not be exclusively about these myths, but also about introducing a new notion: the importance of pleasure.

It is obvious that she will bring up topics related to nutrition as is her passion, but the main idea is to cultivate pleasure and joy without talking directly about personal development. 

Roxana has an entrepreneurial mindset that made her think of a service that can add value to customers and stand out.

Except, the entrepreneur paddles until he changes the mindset at least when talking about his product / service for a marketer mindset. In this state of mind, you no longer talk about yourself but rather about your customers.

One of the techniques that you must learn to do is to put yourself in the shoes of your future customer and answer the following question: what is your customer’s problem and how can you solve it?

An illustration of this dilemma. I am convinced that to solve a problem it is essential to have a personal development process, to feel good about yourself and to have fun every day. However, I would not have had success with coaching in the seduction market or the marketing market by offering the miracle solution to feeling good. The reason for this is simple. My prospect in the seduction coaching program is looking for a girlfriend or a wife.

For the case of Roxana’s slimming coaching, she proposes as a solution for the problem of excess weight for example, the idea of ​​accepting oneself in order to succeed in a diet and a change of habits. However, the prospect will not be interested in this solution until Roxana has shown that she understands her problem. For this reason, it is essential to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and define their problems and frustrations.

For example, Roxana defines her prospect as: someone who has uncontrollable cravings for food and has tried fad diets in the past without success. His prospect thinks he needs to reach a certain ideal weight to feel good or a perfect body to please someone else. This person is no longer able to find pleasure when he eats and loses the joy in his life.   

Defining your prospect with precision allows you to address them in the best way.

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