Let’s talk about the criteria for finding a unique voice for your blog. 


You can have a blog that talks about a topic already covered by other blogs but what is unique is the audience you are reaching out to. 

You gain by highlighting the specificity of your audience. 

For example, instead of being personal development blog number 2,347,946, be the personal development blog for women. Since you are the personal development blog for women, there is less competition because fewer people have had the same idea as you. 

This example is perhaps less valid today because there are certainly a lot of blogs specifically for women now. 

So let’s say a personal development blog for the woman in a hurry, the housewife, the business woman, etc. It is important to typically choose the profile of your reader. 

Often the reader’s profile is someone who looks like you. The easiest thing is to feel like you’re talking to yourself. However, you have to ask yourself if there are enough people who are like you to make your blog target such a specific audience. Only time will tell. 

The question to ask yourself is therefore the following: Who are you talking to (as a priority)? This is necessary to know because, in general, initially you want your blog to reach as many people as possible, except that it is an absolute mistake. You absolutely need to know who your primary audience will be. While your blog can be useful to anyone, you still need to define who your main audience is. 


At the present time on the other blogs dealing with your theme, can you imagine yourself writing articles like the people doing these other blogs? 

There are bound to be people you feel closer to in terms of their writing style. If you read blogs that are in other sectors than yours, which I recommend, you will find authors with a way of expressing themselves that you like. 

However, under no circumstances should you copy the person’s style. It is not the goal. You will need to find who has a style that you recognize yourself in, a style that appeals to you. 

At the beginning, by getting closer to the style that you like the most, you will like what you write more and this will impact the attractiveness of your site because people who look like you may like the same people as those in whom you are. recognize. 


Your blog will stand out from the crowd if you combine two of your passions. 

Example: a lot of travel blogs exist and a lot of motorbike blogs exist. Blogs about motorcycle travel? There are probably very few of them. 

So associate two of your passions or your passion with your situation. 

Example: a lot of cooking blogs exist and a lot of office life blogs exist. Blogs on how to cook quickly in the office? The subject has not yet been discussed.

You can also pass your passion through a filter related to your perspective on life. 

Imagine that you are an engineer and you consider that any problem has a solution that can be determined by methods and that with the right method it is possible to achieve the right result. Now imagine that you are an artist. You will then consider that everything is an art. 

This allows you to have a unique voice because if you consider that everything is a science or that everything is an art, it will give blogs with different content. 

Can you make the association of two of your passions or your passion and your situation or do you have a filter related to your perspective on life? 


It’s just the story, not the past, but the story you tell over time, throughout the life of the blog. 

Prepare, over the coming year, the evolution of your blog. 

Explain what is happening in your life: your personal, professional life, the life of your blog …

Telling the blog’s story isn’t the best idea, but it’s still better than nothing. 

A better idea is to post something on your blog that is happening to you at the same time. 

For example, I am currently planning a six-month trip around the world with my partner. The ideal would be to tell about the preparations for this trip on my blog or just allude to it, even if my blog does not revolve around this subject. 

Telling a part of what you are going through will make your readers want to come back because they will feel closer to you, since you allow them to know more about you and your daily life, in addition to offering them content on a subject. that interests them.

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