Why choose the blog as a launching platform for your product? 

First, you have to sell your own product or service: it is the royal road to being independent. 

Any transaction that makes you develop an activity whatsoever, your business or a side activity, can only bring in money if a product or service is sold. 

Even if you use advertising, affiliate or other means to monetize or monetize your internet business, this is when the product is purchased from the advertiser’s, advertiser’s or company’s site. affiliator that you are going to be able to earn money and that person can pay to display advertising with you. 

Having your own product or service will first position you as an authority in the market and secondly give you independence since you decide your salary. 

Then, when you go to create that product, the strategy adopted by the vast majority of business leaders, or entrepreneurs, is to release their own product. 

The classic strategy is to invest a lot of time creating the product, making videos, writing manuscript pages …

On D-Day, you will discover, too late, that no one wants it because: 

  • you have chosen the wrong theme,
  • you have chosen the wrong format,
  • or simply because people don’t know they want it. 

This can be useful to them, without them knowing that this product is for them. 

In the beginning, when you release a product, sales generally take off very slowly. 

This is the velocity of the product: how fast people download it. 

If when you take out the product, there is a purchase every now and then, after a while you get bored of it. 

The advantage of launching a product and doing your first Orchestrated Launch on your blog is to avoid being in this classic curve. 

For a classic product release, the product life cycle will be: 

  • you start from zero and you will take off slowly, 
  • until the day you improve your launch campaign and go a little faster, 
  • you will reach a maximum, 
  • the product will collapse again when it is past maturity. 

Launching your product or service will give you greater speed from the start: 

  • instead of starting from scratch, on D-day you will make a certain volume of sales, which means that you start from high. 
  • at the end of your launch period, you will have given a good boost to your product, 
  • it is possible that it will calm down for a period, 
  • if you relaunch your product, you will have a new sales peak, 
  • if you don’t relaunch your product, the zero level of the volume of people’s interest in your product will always be positive. 

At this stage, in the classic case, the company struggles to sell its product, while in the case of a product or service launch, the company does nothing, and while its product is at a certain level it can release a second product and continue to use this strategy to develop sales volume over the long term. 

This makes it possible to make his new product known to more people. 

Your prospects and customers are involved in the creation of your new product. From D-Day, you will have a peak in sales.

Most importantly, when you are going to create a product launch, you are going to create an event whose repercussions last longer: 

  • you will have more profits because you sell more, 
  • you will have more authority, because the people who become the center of attention in the area are always turned to for questions. If there is a new issue that pops up in the industry, a new product that comes out, you are expected to bring it out. 
  • you will have a good reputation in the market, especially a position of “hero” in the eyes of the customer. 

We position everything we do as a service to the blog reader, to the newsletter subscriber. 

This is what makes that even if a person does not buy your product, they continue to consider that you have contributed a lot by preparing this launch campaign. 

To work from a blog, the idea is to work from a passion in order to optimize the use of your time and “free yourself”. 

This launch strategy uses a very small number of tools, which requires little effort to be made. 

You have to know how to optimize your launch in order to be able to concentrate on the essentials. 

Make sure you have a great product and happy customers and a campaign that works. 

The starting mistakes to avoid are: 

  • have a blog with a name that is not very catchy, English speaking, difficult to remember, 
  • think that the content is enough to attract visitors, 
  • write articles without a monetization strategy. 

You may have very low income for the first few months, despite hard work. 

If your blog has the right ground you can do a medium launch and you are allowed to make mistakes and your launch will work just fine. 

If your blog is badly positioned from the start because you haven’t thought of a promising topic, the launch strategy can be executed perfectly, but it will be much more difficult if you are not on fertile ground.

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