It is very important, when you are going to launch your product, to name your audience yourself. In this case, you have to name the stage where customers are now or the stage of frustration and the stage they want to reach and associate it with your product.

In general, clients want to become financially independent while starting their business. So we have to show them that there is a good way to do it. This is why we have called this stage “Becoming a smart entrepreneur”, that is to say, succeeding in developing a business, working with passion but without ending up being paid with a very low salary. In my activity as a seducer, I had created the term “New Seducer”.

As opposed to the smart entrepreneur, it is necessary to describe the stage where the customer is now.  

Perhaps the client already owns a business but is a typical entrepreneur or a frustrated entrepreneur. 

In my activity of seduction, I had, for example, defined the stage of “Apprentice Seducer”. This remains relatively positive. We can realize that we have a hard time seducing, that we are shy and tell ourselves that the reason is just because we are still apprentices, that we do not know how to act.

You therefore give a name to your audience and a name for the stage to be reached. This is the most important level, it is necessary to think carefully about the terms to be used. I started using “New Seducer” when a client suggested it to me because I found it well suited.

You must then propose a title to the author, a name by which you will be able to call yourself. Indeed, this name is what will differentiate you, what will make you an authority. 

For example, the celebrity coach is always the guest on TV. Your title makes you more recognizable.  If you do a Google search for this term, you will most often come across either the Hitch movie or me.

Once the client is appointed, knows where he is going and with which expert, it is time to make a promise. 

If your promise is unattractive, no one will buy your product or service. The point of a purchase is to achieve a goal or get rid of a problem, not just to spend money. You must succeed in condensing your promise. Take this example: “You are going to start your business, you will be financially independent and free of your time, you will be motivated throughout this process”, the text is short and simple.

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