Having a blog is a fundamental lever for your online presence. No matter what your business, a blog can be used as a lead generation tool. 

If you are an entrepreneur and want to integrate a blog into your marketing strategy in order to increase your sales, or if you are a blogger and want to generate income from your blog, there are a few steps you should either take to be successful.

The creation of a blog is only one tool for the development of your activity. At some point, you have to change from blogger to entrepreneur.

A blog offers you the opportunity to improve your visibility and your credibility with your potential customers. However, for some activities blogging is not the most effective tool. Leaflets and flyers will do the trick. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze your key figures to assess the profitability of your marketing strategy!

You should always keep track of key figures: how is your blog progressing? Is it an effective tool for the development of your activity?  


If you are going to use your blog to sell a product or service, it is crucial to consider your revenue generated from the blog. For this, the establishment of a tool that helps you rank the customers coming from your blog is necessary.  

It seems a bit complicated for traditional companies: you should perhaps systematically ask prospects “how did you know us?” “. It is a good practice to adopt in your company to manage the flow of your customers on the one hand, and to evaluate the effectiveness of your blog on the other hand.

Another technique adopted by e-commerce sites is to create multiple links that refer to the same product but the link for each sales channel is different. Thus, this makes it possible to identify the origin of sales. By redirecting blog traffic to your product from a single, trackable link, you can get the exact number of visitors redirected to your product from the blog based on the number of clicks made through that link. 


Another very important lever for evaluating the effectiveness of your blog is the volume of leads generated by your blog. 

Note that there is a difference between a customer and a prospect. A customer is someone who pays you for a service while a prospect is someone who visits your blog out of curiosity or to discover your site. Once the prospect signs up to your blog and provides their contact details, primarily their email, you get a qualified prospect.

Whatever your theme or your approach, it is essential to offer visitors to your blog to enter their contact details. In particular, you can ask them for their contact details in exchange for a free guide to download or subscription to the Newsletter, for example.

You just need to insert a simple form on the interface of your blog or site to retrieve the email addresses of your visitors. Several sites exist to activate this feature, which are called auto-responders.

As you will have understood, the main goal of your blog should be to captivate as many prospects as possible and retrieve their contact details. The more qualified leads you generate, the more your chances of sales increase.

Some entrepreneurs segment the mailing lists. It devotes a mailing list of prospects coming from the sales site and another list coming from the prospects coming from the blog.

Personally, I believe this is a bad strategy most of the time because they are prospects who are interested in the same type of product / service. Of course, you have to apply the same marketing strategy to convince them and the same sales process.

In conclusion, running your blog like a business will go a long way in generating customers and subsequently increasing sales.

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