Having a good SEO is very important and will have a positive impact on your business. 

Indeed, the experience of Aurélien Amacker, author of several blogs, shows that the use of different SEO techniques have considerably increased its visitor traffic. 

It has tripled the visits from Google. These tours are free, which is a huge advantage over paid advertising. It should also be noted that natural referencing bringing a site to the first place in search results generates more visits than the three sites placed at the top of the page through paid advertising. Aurélien then insists on the fact that this traffic generated every day leads to subscriptions to his newsletters or even to purchases. 

On his blog Read me I’m famous , where he publishes less than 15 articles per year, he receives 1,500 visits per day, of which 1,000 come from search engines. 

In other words, if you are not using the right SEO keywords, you can lose a third of your visitors and therefore your sales power, which is absolutely not insignificant.


Before you start, however, you must know on which keywords or searches you want to be ranked, because it is by writing these keywords that the potential customer will land on your site. 

Depending on your theme, you must then think about the benefits that the customer seeks through your product. 

Take the example of Vincent, a sports coach: being referenced by the name of his company will not give him anything, because first of all no prospect knows him. If he had used tools like the Google Keyword Tool , he would then have seen that this search, based on the name of his company, had appeared less than ten times for example and that positioning himself on it would therefore have no impact on his business. 

So you have to choose your words carefully.

First, if you have a local activity you can refer to it: for example “sports coach Saint Nazaire”. 

Second, if your offer is created to solve a problem, you have to think about the benefits it brings: “how to lose weight”, “get in shape”, “workout” etc. 

Then, you have to know if these keywords are used by Internet users. The Google Keyword Tool is very easy to use and will allow you to know precisely how many people per month have typed these words, by specifying the language to be analyzed and the country or search zone. 

Aurélien specifies that it is necessary to choose keywords which will have less than 2000 searches per month, because beyond that the market will be too competitive. You should know that a referencing on an expression typed more than 1000 times, will give 500 new visits to your site which is already a lot. If a search appears even 300 to 400 times, if it is specific and qualified, then it will be very profitable. Note that spillover effects can be frequent, so do not position yourself on an expression searched for more than 2000 times because it will not bring you 1000 additional visits.

Also note that if you are referenced on “sports coach Saint Nazaire”, you will automatically be referenced on all expressions similar to it, such as “sports coach near Saint Nazaire” or “in the region of” etc …

My advice is therefore to position yourself on 5 main keywords only, this will be sufficiently effective and beneficial to your business.

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