So that Internet users do not just pass by on your blog, there are techniques to retain your audience. A purchase is usually not made during the first visit. This is why retaining readers of your blog can be beneficial to you. The most loyal readers usually turn into customers at one point or another. Here are some tips to help you improve the loyalty of your readers in 2013!


Obviously the best way to attract and retain an audience is to publish as much free advice as possible. By putting a lot of value in your articles and by communicating regularly, Internet users will enjoy coming to your blog. Do not hesitate to make series of articles dealing with the same subject. It’s up to you to make the reader want to come and read the second part of your advice. By dividing your story into several articles you will increase the loyalty of your audience .

To keep your message from appearing routine, your best bet is to change the way you deliver it. So feel free to use video or post customer testimonials. This way, your blog will appear much richer and capture the attention of more Internet users. Video has become one of the most effective means of communication online , with watching a video being done by performing some other action. The blog post problem is simple, the reader must concentrate on reading the article and therefore waste time. The video can be played at the same time as the prospect is viewing their emails.

The testimonials of your customers will be decisive in the decision-making of your prospects. Your business will inevitably gain credibility if you publicly display testimonials from satisfied customers. It is a simple publication to make and which will be able to support your sales at all times. It is not easy to gain the trust of prospects , so let your customers recommend you! They will convert many visitors into new customers for you.


To build loyalty with your readers, you can offer them something much more exceptional than just advice. To promote a product or a new version of it, nothing beats an orchestrated launch. It is these launches that will earn you the loyalty of many readers. By offering original products from time to time, you will succeed in stimulating the curiosity of readers. The orchestrated launch is a great tool to increase and retain traffic to your blog . Your originality being an undeniable strength!

By carrying out an orchestrated launch with several messages to guide readers to your new product, you offer an interest in coming back to your blog . The difficulty is often there, your readers stumbled upon your page. Most often visitors, whether they come from Google, social networks or word of mouth, are looking for an answer to a particular question. This is how most of your readers come to find the answer they were looking for and leave without having taken the time to look at the other topics of your blog.

An orchestrated launch catches the eye and creates curiosity. A series of blog posts may have a comparable effect, but the power of the message will be much less. The orchestrated launch presents the ideal and original solution for a given problem. The reader can then become aware of this problem by reading or looking at your messages. Unlike simple blog posts, an orchestrated launch will more often create a need with your audience .

By offering content at a reasonable frequency, you will increase your SEO and the loyalty of your readers . A blog can be a particularly effective tool for focusing prospects around your product. By combining quality content published regularly with one or more orchestrated launches, you have the optimal formula to retain readers of your blog. It will take you time, but sooner or later you will see the benefits!

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