If you want to launch a product from a blog, right before the launch, it’s important to understand how to properly target your idea.

How high should your blog be? What are the goals that you have already accomplished?

From your existing blog, you need to determine precisely what product or service you are going to sell and in what form you will present your offer. 

By the time you start your blog, whatever your project, you already have resources. You have for example a little traffic on your blog as well as personal links. 

The fact of starting to meet people who are in your business or who have other blogs in your theme, gives you a resource on which you will be able to rely. 

The essential strategy is to create leverage. 

Systematically, when you have a resource available, you will use it to get another resource. 

Having connections with people in your theme allows you to meet other people in that sector. 

If you have some traffic on your blog this will allow you to bring traffic to other blogs. 

You need to know how to apply leverage in a more important way to use: 

  • traffic to use links, 
  • links to optimize traffic, 
  • traffic to get more subscribers, 
  • have more subscribers to have more income …

Here you can post articles on your blog to get visitors and avoid starting from scratch. 

When you go to create your product you will need to build on your existing blog. 

Once the product exists, you have to anticipate because when your product is available and you have sold it, you have to ask yourself: how can I rely on the product to obtain another resource. 

Your product could allow you to gain connections with people in your industry or people who can positively impact your business. 

You can possibly offer your product for free to someone who may become a partner in the future, asking for their opinion or if they could offer a free copy in a contest to their readers: you rely on your resource.

You probably have the option of embedding links in your product to certain posts on your blog to keep people who own them coming to your blog. 

Anytime you manage to get a new resource, whether it’s traffic, a new product, a new customer, or new relationships, you need to think about how you can bounce back from that. 

Avoid creating dead ends in your activity whether it is on your blog, during or after the launch. 

Training is an essential tool: for example looking for a mentor by buying a digital product on professional blogging. Indeed, you will overcome your mistrust and this will motivate you to start your sales suddenly. 

The key is to implement new promotion strategies which may include commenting on other blogs and writing guest articles.

You have to find the right resources to train yourself, apply your resources and use what you have learned. 

The people who have been the most successful and generate the most income are the ones who train the most and spend the most time learning. Experts are those who still see themselves as being in a learning phase. 

Even when you’ve perfected your product, launched it, and it works great, you have to strive to stay at the forefront of your industry and continue to educate yourself so that your product line and blog do not age. 

If you have a series of posts that are starting to be successful and get mentioned on other blogs, you can leave a comment on the blog that mentioned yours. 

If you see that the person has not put a link, you can send them an email to thank them and ask them to put a link so that their readers can discover your blog. 

It doesn’t hurt to ask people to refer to your work by putting a link. 

After a year, you can take stock and you will find that: 

  • you had a fairly low traffic curve at the start of your blog’s life, 
  • then you have triggered a “ratchet effect”: so as not to go back down 
  • you will see that your sales have grown, 
  • you will have more subscribers and more comments.

The ratchet effect is to ensure that each time your blog reaches a new level, that it clings to that level and does not go down to zero. 

The progress of your blog must increase favorably then you must maintain this relationship with the people who have spoken to you for: 

  • that they keep the links, 
  • whether you are doing a link exchange, 
  • that new visitors subscribe to your newsletter.

You can relaunch them so that they come to see your new articles. 

Your traffic curve will not go down to zero but to a new higher level: you have triggered a “ratchet effect”. Once you start to trigger this ratchet effect and capitalize on these new relationships, you will have additional resources that will come to you: 

  • web links to your blog, 
  • content created by other bloggers who request to publish guest articles, 
  • interviews of you published on other blogs …

We must aim to create a blog on which the volume of visits remains stable. After an increase in visits following a launch for example, you will have a ratchet effect which will make you reach a new level. 

You must always make sure to have new visitors to your blog in a sustainable way. You will find that this will be great for your site’s reputation. 

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