In this article, I’d like to walk you through how to make sure your blog is fertile ground to sell your products. 

For this, I will come back to Olivier Roland’s experience and his first blogging experience: the moment when he took stock of his desire to develop blogs as a tool for his freedom.

As we take stock, here are Olivier Roland’s notes on his first experience.


It is important to admit failure on a business case basis in order to cut the branches that will not bear fruit.


Reading this book gives birth to a new strategy of building passive income by optimizing blogging. 

This can be done by reducing the time spent in writing articles while developing content that interests visitors.  


This decision led to the creation of Habitudes Zen, which presents a new blog project fueled by the translation of copyright-free articles. 

Indeed, this project is based on a strategy that was already successful on the Anglo-Saxon web. 

Zen Habits had potential since this model worked on the American web. 

The proof is that Leo Babauta’s Zen Habit blog is making him tens of thousands of dollars. But the natural limit in choosing to translate copyright-free articles is that the content is owned by someone else.

The primary goal when starting a blog that you are going to monetize is to be independent. 

Independence does not only mean the freedom not to work in the office, but also the ability to control your future so that it depends only on you.

This reflection gave birth to a new project.


Olivier Roland’s new project fits better with the strategy of creating new content that is unique to him and different in order to attract a new audience.

The first trigger for Olivier Roland was reading the book La Semaine de 4 Heures which changed his perception of things and made him think that there are necessarily other books of the same caliber. So he decided to read more reference books. 

The question that arises then is: which books should be read first?

The answer consists of a list of 99 books developed by Personal MBA. They are reference books in the field of business and developed communication.

Olivier Roland’s second click falls within the framework of the main subject and fertile ground. 

Inspired by an article by Léo Babauta: “If you engage in something ambitious, proclaim your goal in public and you will be forced to move forward”, Olivier Roland has created his new blog by opting for this strategy. 

He announced his challenge to the public to choose 52 books from the Personal MBA and read one per week. He also pledged to share the summaries of these books on his blog. The main idea is to add value to readers . 

The clear promise made by Olivier Roland to readers is to save them time and make it easier for them to choose which books to buy. Moreover, over a short period of time, his blog is building an audience of readers. Being familiar with these kinds of books, the summaries shared on Olivier’s blog prompted readers to buy them. 

As a result, Olivier generated the first income of “Des Livres Pour Changer de Vie” thanks to the affiliate program offered by Amazon.


There are two main principles to remember from this startup example.


In order to generate sales from the blog, it is essential to create a product that is immediately on a promising market.

To do this, consider sharing a problem you’re having that you don’t have a solution to. By discussing this issue, you will undoubtedly find that many people have the same concern. Thus, you create the need with your audience.

By offering them a product / service that solves this problem for you and anyone who has encountered this difficulty, you are hitting a product that I call “magic wand”. 

The product that sparks in your prospect’s mind the phrase “if only I had YOUR PRODUCT, I could finally achieve my goal.” ” 

If you manage to explore this imaginary product, you hit upon a concept of a product / service that is extremely easy to sell later.


The fact of creating his own blog with content that belongs to him, allowed Olivier to establish his expertise. 

A very important concept covered in the “Pro Blogger” training is that it is possible to start a blog as a beginner in an industry and to learn simultaneously with your readers. 

Moreover, this is exactly the principle of “Books to Change Your Life”. Olivier writes the summaries of the books as he reads them. 

In terms of skills, this practice will allow you to learn a lot. 

On the other hand, you become an expert in the eyes of your readers in a short period of time by sharing your knowledge with them. Obviously, you accelerate your own learning.

If you don’t currently have a blog and you are running another business, starting a blog in your industry will allow you to become an expert. Especially for entrepreneurs who have a product / service in the market, creating a blog in your theme and sharing recently learned knowledge will give more value to your customers. Another benefit of developing a blog is that it sets you apart from the competition.

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