In order to showcase your product / service, it is crucial to put in place communication strategies. I am sharing with you a technique that will allow you to encourage your customers if you offer a training program as a product. If you have a course that consists of several parts, I recommend that you thank or congratulate your readers / listeners at the end of each step. This praise is deserved because they have completed a chapter or module of the program with you.

For example, you can congratulate them because they were able to define their goals thanks to your advice before taking the next step.

It is also important to let your clients know if they have completed a step or task by saying: you have just completed the most difficult part of our training program. Thus, you boost their self-confidence.

Some of you have already participated in my online program consisting of several modules. At the end of the module, I congratulate the participants because they have completed part of the training while several people during this time are having fun. This technique allows prospects to value their accomplishments. I also mention to them that they are part of a small group of motivated people. This strategy works because you give your customers the impression that they are productive and that they have successfully completed a task.

Some entrepreneurs believe that this strategy can hinder the development of your business. Indeed, they believe that it is essential that customers face difficulties so that they can provide the solution through their training.

It is true that it is important to define the difficulties of your customers, but to do so, you can ask them directly. Consider soliciting this type of response by asking your prospects the question and asking them to share their difficulties with you:

  • I’d love to hear your thoughts on the program;
  • Did you progress thanks to this program?

It is recommended that you recap what you have presented before requesting testimonials from your clients. This will allow you to remind them of what they have learned and refresh their memory.

In order to evaluate your training program, an effective way to adopt is to register yourself. This will allow you to test your program and define the different points that you need to improve:

1. You register your program for the first time with the trial version;

2. You do not listen to your recording;

3. Take note of any remarks that were made while you were speaking;

4. If you do not receive comments, keep the recording;

5. If you receive comments and suggestions to improve your program, do not listen to the first version.

Indeed, if you listen to the first version again, you will discover several flaws unnoticed by the participants. The same goes for the written word. If you are doing the transcription, for example, you should not read the text at the end. I recommend that you have someone else do the editing work to revise your transcript (remove repetitions and unnecessary words) and clean it up first.

To conclude, I advise you to start the editing process first. You can then intervene to improve your content.    

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