Your story contains several components. You will need to refer to it at all times. 

There is a book that I recommend to you, written by Christopher Vogler, called The Writer’s Journey . It explains how to write a story. 

Similarly, I recommend that of Joseph Campbell, The hero with a thousand faces . This sociologist studied the myths of many civilizations and discovered that there was a common structure between the accounts of the Bible and those of other civilizations. 

Campbell and Vogler worked on the biggest hits in American cinema of the 1990s.

In this article, I’ll tell you about various elements that you can use to come up with a story that will captivate your readers.

Your story should set you apart from others. 

On my blog, I told the year when I was meeting as many people as possible to overcome my shyness and become a much more sociable person. I didn’t realize that this was a story that I was dragging my readers into. However, later this story turned out to be unifying for them.


The first of the elements is you. Who you are, what is your vision of the world, what are your values, what led you to start this blog and what you like so much about the theme you have chosen.

For example, why do you want to talk about personal development? 

Personally, I made this choice because I was a shy person and couldn’t stand being unable to chat with strangers. I had to get out of my comfort zone, to meet people. I learned a lot from these people, I made new friends, I met the woman of my life. So I wanted to share my experiences. 

Therefore, my personal development blog does not talk about the same subjects and does not use the same tone as that of Aurélien Amacker who left his office in the Defense district in Paris to settle in Australia. What pleases him in personal development is being able to be free and have adventures. Our blogs are therefore totally different even if the basic theme is identical.

Your values ​​correspond to what is important to you. We could believe that everyone has the same values: universal love, peace, living in a positive way, bringing added value to our customers, etc. Yes, everyone thinks these things are important, but everyone has a different set of values.

Someone who thinks adventure, fun and risk taking are the most important things in their life doesn’t have the same existence as someone who considers having a family the most important things, live with someone you love and leave a legacy for your children. You will therefore differentiate yourself by communicating your values ​​to your readers.

If you watch any blockbuster movie, you will find that one thing in common is this: a character evolves in his world where he lives like a fish in water (the world before), a trigger and the character finds himself in a “new” world where he is uncomfortable. After passing obstacles, the hero arrives at an even better situation than the world before.

In the world before, I was a shy person who stood with my back to the wall at parties, glass in hand, without speaking to anyone. The trigger was a meeting with Marion who preferred, like the others before, that we remain friends. That’s when I decided to meet people, which corresponds to the new world where I was uncomfortable. The obstacles followed then the victory when I was finally able to get out of my bubble. I can refer to these items when answering a question.

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