Having a blog is good, but promoting it as much as possible is even better! You certainly know blogs related to your chosen field that have more activity than yours. Do not be shy ! Offer a link exchange to their owner!

Here are our tips to help you land this simple and interesting long-term partnership.


To be able to benefit from the exposure of a blog better known than yours, you will have to demonstrate by A + B how this exchange of links could be beneficial to the other party. The best is to prepare a brief summary of the topics covered on your blog as well as a quantified view of its evolution.

Avoid choosing a blog where the topics are very similar to yours. The owner might see you as a competitor and refuse this trade. Showcase your expertise and suggest that the author of the blog you are targeting write an article on a specific topic. You will need to cite an article that you have read and enjoyed. By expressing your interest in writing and knowing an author you are sure to attract their interest.


You can introduce yourself to the owner of the blog you want to post a link to by following a specific idea. Try to find a topic that is still missing from the blog in question today and write an article. Get in touch with the blogger by offering to insert a link in your article because you thought it could be related to the subject of this blog.

If your article is interesting and provides free publicity for the author, you should be able to convince him easily. Most bloggers will take the time to read some of your articles and might return the favor. Wait a week or two, post the article with its link, and finally ask for a favor.


In order to win the favor of the owner of this blog , do not hesitate to flatter him. The best way to do this is to quote. Your areas of expertise being quite close, it will not be very difficult for you to place one of his quotes during an article. Then introduce yourself by indicating the link to the article where you are already quoting the person in question.

More than a competitor or common blogger wishing to exchange a link, you will appear as a fan. By playing the admirers you will touch a sensitive point with the author. We all write for the purpose of being read, so it’s hard to deny a reader a small favor.

The important thing for a successful link exchange is therefore to offer content related to the targeted blog, to present yourself as a fan and to be patient so as not to appear opportunistic. All you have to do is give it a try!

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