In this article, we will see the three strategies to make your blog profitable, but first of all let’s determine what a blog is.

A blog is a website on which we publish a lot of content:

  • videos,
  • articles,
  • podcasts.

Internet users have the possibility to comment, which makes it an extremely interactive tool.

The 3 main strategies that allow us to make a blog profitable if you are an entrepreneur trying to start on a small budget or if you are a business that uses blogging to promote our products or services are: 

  1. The advertisement

Placing advertising products from other brands is the easiest way but the least profitable.

You should know that if you just go to the big advertising networks like Google Adsense, you will be paid only a few cents per hundreds or thousands of visitors.

This means that you have to have a lot of traffic for advertising to be profitable and to make a living from it.

For my part, a few years ago I had a website that generated more than € 2,500 per month with Adsense advertising, which is good.

But to get there, it took several years of hard work and SEO and growing the site up to half a million visitors per month.

If you feel motivated to generate half a million visitors per month, go for it!

Otherwise I recommend that you adopt one of the other two strategies:

  1. Sell ​​affiliate products

You don’t have to create the product yourself. You just offer products or services that are complementary to what you post as free content on your blog so that people are interested in that product.

If you just wrote an article about Japanese Kamishibai Theater, you could put an affiliate link for people to go and buy a ticket to a Japanese Kamishibai Theater.

It may seem like a very simple strategy to implement but if you want it to be profitable you have to use the following techniques:


The free content you post should relate directly to the product or service you are recommending in your article.

It doesn’t work to do an article on the Japanese kamishibai theme and put a link on “if you want to start your business, click here to buy the following training”: that way doesn’t work at all.

The free content you post on the blog should naturally lead to wanting the affiliate product.


That is to say a list of email addresses of people interested in your blog.

Putting affiliate links directly on the site is much less profitable than selling affiliate products to your subscribers.

If you choose to sell affiliate products, it will be easier to make a personal and intense recommendation to the people who have given you their email and who have given you the right to recontact them: this will be much more profitable than putting a few links advertising on your site that points to third-party offers.

  1. Sell ​​your own products

It is the fastest and most profitable strategy.

This is because it is faster to make a living with a blog based business if you are selling your own products than if you are advertising or selling the products of others.

Advertising takes a long time.

By selling other people’s products, you will save time in creating the product but you will only earn an affiliate commission. The affiliate commission is a percentage of the selling price of the product.

For example, if you earn an affiliate commission of 30% of the product, you will need to sell 100 products at $ 100 to earn $ 3000. If you had created the same product for $ 100, you would have needed 3 times less sales.

So that’s why it’s a much faster way to generate significant income from your blog than to affiliate.

The strategy I recommend to make your blog profitable is the “BCPV” strategy which takes place in four stages:


You are going to start your blog with a concept that is unique and catchy enough to be interesting. You set up a beta version of your blog with an original concept, which may be little known or valued.

With this original concept, you have managed to collect advice from a person who offers the same concept and who earns a lot of money by selling products that have nothing to do with this concept: it can be a game-changer because you come up with physical products, workshops, conferences, seminars, books, DVDs: people will find this innovative and interesting.

We need a new blog on an interesting concept.

C for Flagship Content

Write 7-10 articles that serve to tell your story and show your expertise on the topic.

Either you have acquired this expertise and you have something to say that no one else has contributed so far. Either it is an expertise that is acquired because you choose to be a reporter blogger and you bring together information from multiple sources and make it accessible to the masses.

When you get started, you can very well blog about the vegetable patch, even if you haven’t in years. The main thing is that you have several books on the subject and you assiduously follow training courses and content related to this theme.

You choose to write extremely educational and understandable articles that do not yet exist on the web. You explain the basics to a beginner. You show an educational competence through these flagship articles.

These articles will be relatively long and dense in information and will be this authoritative source.

Then, instead of posting an article every day, every 3 days or every week, for years to bring you traffic, you will have to use this blog as a business card to reach out to partners.

P for Partners

You will see partners who are other bloggers or other people who publish information content on the subject and who have on the same theme:

  • newsletters,
  • forums,
  • blogs,
  • websites.

Now that you have this business card which is your blog where we see that you know what you are talking about, you are going to offer these people a partnership.

This partnership will be for example: organize a webconference to talk about the same subject as your most popular articles which are on your blog to their audience and which will be free. It will be able to encourage people to buy your products or services and you will pay a commission to your partner.

When you launch your new blog, even if you have almost zero traffic, instead of waiting for people to come spontaneously because you have great content, you need to go where it is already crowded and propose a partnership for it. present your product to this audience.

V for Sale

When you have a partner who has agreed to publish your content to their audience, you can go straight to the sale.

This allows you to quickly make your blog profitable without going through the “content creation” box for several years.

If you use this strategy, your blog will pay for itself much faster and from the first month.

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