In this interview with AurĂ©lien Amacker, a professional blogger, we share some essential advice to improve the SEO of your site. This advice will allow you both to increase the authority of your website thanks to Google SEO but also to increase your presence on each of the keywords you are going to target. 

While it may seem difficult at first glance to fit all the keywords on the first page of your site, there is a technique that can help you put each keyword forward. 

The importance of this advice is to allow you to be present potentially on the first page of research on your keywords and to have two positions:

  1. The first position with the home page of your site;
  2. The second position with another page dedicated specifically to each of the keywords. 

Your action therefore consists in creating a specific page on your website to exclusively talk about each of your keywords. On this page, optimized for a defined keyword, you can develop the topic, give examples, explain your tips, etc.

In order to better understand, let’s take the example of a sports coach. After having defined and validated the following keywords:  

  • Sports coach ;
  • Sports trainer;
  • Get back in shape.     

you can be interested for example at the end of the fitness. First, you need to create a page on your site that only talks about this topic: Do you want to get back in shape and do you live nearby? We have what you need to get back in shape.

You don’t have to include the exact same keywords, but it is crucial to use the same lexical field and variations. Indeed, by using various keywords you will have a more authentic text and more pleasant to read for your visitors. This will also serve you to create a relationship with visitors and retain them to later convert them into customers. 

Obviously, you must therefore include a call to action, by offering them a form to fill out for example. If it is a blog, do not hesitate to encourage your visitors to subscribe to receive your newsletter for example.

The process is therefore identical, for a blog as for a website: you must create several specific pages. On each page you focus on one of the keywords you have defined.  

When it comes to word count, if you have a WordPress blog, you should write posts that are at least 300 words long. This is not a long article, but it is the minimum for your page to be of interest to visitors otherwise it will not be referenced.

My experience has shown me how important this advice is. On my site and in particular the main page, I regularly spoke about the topic of marketing training. However, my site did not appear on the search results. A friend who is in charge of SEO for NFL, explained to me that as long as I didn’t have a specific page dedicated to marketing training, my site would not be listed for this keyword. By following this advice, my SEO has improved significantly.

To conclude, in order to be referenced and appear among the first on Google’s search results, all you have to do is reserve a page on your website or blog to develop each of your keywords. Each time you add a new keyword to your list, feel free to create a new page for it.    

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