The question is, how do you get Google to consider your home page to be important, but your other pages to be important too? You have one page per keyword and Google is not necessarily going to consider your home page to be very relevant to keyword number 4.

You must create an optimized page for each keyword and it is often this page that you will highlight for that keyword, it is the one that will stand out and be the one that will end up in the first positions of Google results.

You have to find a way to make each of your pages move up in the results, so not only to make the site popular but to make each of the important pages popular in the eyes of the Internet user.

When I register my site in directories, I do not always register it on the home page. Every now and then I will link to one of my main pages. To give figures, let’s say that out of a hundred links to my site, fifty will point to the home page, ten links will lead to the forum, ten to the strategy section, ten to the marketing section…

In blog comments, you can leave your website address. You should know that the author of the blog can moderate your comments if you have done nothing on this comment other than the advertisement for your site.

The only way to get your comment through anyway is to write a valid comment. Your comment must be relevant. This is important because your comment, if validated, will make a link, it is acquired.

If you are exchanging links with other websites, do not hesitate from time to time to give the link to one of the pages of your site rather than always giving the link from the home page.

For link exchanges , instead of the title of your site, you can put one of the keywords on which you want to rank. Most of the link exchanges are to the site title, which is not one of the biggest keywords.

Make sure you spend some of your time bonding. For five keywords, add those keywords to at least five directories initially, which can span a few weeks, to that keyword’s special page. 

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