Attracting influencers to affiliate to your site is not always easy. Yet one of the most effective ways to generate visitors to your blog is to solicit potential partners. The question is: can we easily get partners with our blog if it has enough content? In other words, is a blog with quality content enough to attract influencers? Are there other criteria to take into account?

What are the criteria to follow to find a potential partner?

To grab the attention of influencers, there are certain criteria that you need to pay special attention to.


No matter how much you create content that sells, unfortunately that’s not enough to attract partners. Finding affiliates related to your product is critical to the success of your blog. Also, to find potential affiliates, you need other categories of people outside of your niche.

Instead of your direct competitors, your targets should be people who have the same audience as you. These are people who target prospects who may have the same need and have the same interest in what you are offering on your blog. 

For example, if you are writing a blog about auto maintenance, you can look for partners that offer auto insurance or car rentals.


Nothing prevents you from looking for influencers in your field by contacting them directly. However, if possible, try to find non-competitive partners who offer products and services different from yours, but who share the same audiences as you. 

For example, if you are a photo equipment dealer, you can apply for an affiliation with a photography site.

Having said that, if the products of your targeted partners are similar to yours. In this case, you can approach them in another way via a complementary partnership. Sometimes their websites can complement your service or product. Even if your blog covers some similar products, your partner may be more inclined to affiliate in a specific category of your featured articles. Make sure you don’t lie, however. Otherwise, you will lose the trust of the influencer and their followers.


To make sure you’re picking up potential influencers, check their profile carefully. You can use social media to find new affiliates. Only make sure you don’t choose just any affiliates. Make sure your partners have potential. Confirm that they have a significant number of prospects following them. Look at the number of subscribers on their social networks. Make sure their blogs are popular enough to be able to generate traffic.


Ok your blog is doing well, but now how are you going to find potential affiliates? To choose relevant partners, you have two sources:


The typical profile of a potential partner is someone who has a high volume of email subscriptions. In other words, the influencer has a large number of customers who have registered on his blog to receive news, emails. These prospects often become potential buyers. If your affiliation is successful, your new partner will promote your products by trying to sell them to as many customers as possible from their website or email.


Another solution to finding a potential partner is to affiliate yourself with bloggers who have some notoriety among readers. Popular bloggers sometimes reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers. To be as successful, these bloggers interact with their followers . They read and respond to their comments. This gesture makes it possible to create close links between blogger and subscribers. If these influencers earn your trust, their visitors will in turn view your blog. If they’re interested in your site, there’s a good chance that visits will turn into sales.


For a partner to be able to contact you, the content on your site must stand out. If your site is generating profits and making sales, potential partners will start to take an interest in it. If they are convinced of the quality of the content on your site, they will agree to affiliate with you.

That’s not all, you should also remember to install a “partner” registration form in all of your blog posts. This form will encourage affiliates to subscribe to your mailing list. This is a simple form to fill out with just contact details: names, email and contact.

Finally, don’t forget to link with your affiliates in all of your blog posts. It is a kind of tracking that will give partners more visibility on the other pages of your site. The more links you have, the greater your chance of attracting influencers willing to sign up to collaborate in promoting your blog.

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