Have you decided to start your blog and want to find the theme that makes you different from others? Awaken the artist in you and let your creativity speak!

You have to think of your blog as a business. To generate income, it is imperative to choose the right idea from the start.

As your readers function like everyone else, they will seek to classify your content within a well-defined framework. This ranking does not only depend on the format of your content, but also on your theme. Hence the need to deal with a single theme and to broach new subjects.   

Indeed, a bad choice of the topic of your blog can make you waste a lot of time and make you disgust to continue the adventure.  

The choice of your theme comes from the crossing of three circles according to Aurélien Amacker.


Blogging takes commitment and time! 

If you choose a subject that you don’t like, it will be difficult to find the motivation to work. Creating content for your blog will present a heavy and boring task. To be successful in this field, it is crucial to cover topics that you love.  


Your blog should talk about a topic that you are familiar with. Even if you do not have added value for your readers, do not resort to copy / paste using existing content. In this case, your blog will not be unique. If at present you are not an expert on a subject, just do your research and read books to master it and create your content.

It is important to have knowledge that will allow you to develop interesting content on your blog and in your own way.


It is useless to create a blog on a topic which, at the present time, does not create an exchange of money. Obviously, this is valid for blogs whose goal is to generate income.

It is recommended that you choose an idea that you can make sales from. If your readers are willing to spend the money to buy the products and services that you are going to offer, then you have chosen your niche well.

Take the example of a person who created a blog about the prison. The three categories that may be concerned by this theme:

  • The prisoner: he has no money to spend to benefit from the product offered.
  • The guards: a subject relating to ways of protecting themselves from attacks by prisoners may interest them but not to the point of spending money to buy the product.
  • Prisoner families: it is impossible to offer them training “how to free a prisoner” for example!

It is clear that this theme cannot generate sales, since the content offered is not monetizable: it is a bad choice!

Your criterion in choosing the theme of your blog is the answer to this question: is there already an exchange of money in progress on my theme?

If the answer is no, it is better to choose another topic.

Indeed, you cannot create the need among your readers with a blog. You can, perhaps create a desire since the need already exists.

For example, a blog that looks at iPhones seems like a good idea. The iPhone is the combination of three products in demand in the market. People spend money communicating with loved ones, listening to music, or finding a location using GPS.

Certainly, if you take these three conditions into consideration, you will be able to choose a suitable and monetizable theme for your blog. But in my opinion, another very important point contributes to the success and uniqueness of your blog.


Visitors come to your blog for the content, but they don’t just stay there for that. The reason visitors get attached to your blog is your character.

Your unique character and story should be felt when a visitor enters your blog. This attracts a loyal and committed audience to you. A reason that is not necessarily related to the content you present.

It is advisable to create a personal bond with your visitors. Imagine that you have a loved one who regularly invites you to parties, but doesn’t spend any time with you at these events. Although the party is very well organized, the lack of relationship with this person is always unpleasant. After a while, these parties will no longer be interesting and you will not attend them again.

This is the same concept for your blog and your content, it can be rich and well presented but without your personal touch it will be flat. Creating this character gives soul to your blog and makes you unique in the minds of your visitors.

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