All writers, editors, journalists, students and bloggers know the angst of the blank page , this blockage that causes words and ideas not to come, creating frustration and discouragement . However, there are indeed strategies that can limit the onset of this writing paralysis. For you, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to make writing your blog posts easier – test them out, and choose which ones work best for you.


  • Ask your readers for their opinion or take a poll, directly on your blog or on social networks.
  • Browse the forums and collect ideas . Likewise with the comments left by your readers on your old posts, in which you will undoubtedly find avenues to explore.
  • Recycle old tickets , adopting new perspectives, updating them or expanding them.
  • Get inspiration from the news, but also from other blogs in your niche. Don’t forget to read books about your industry or marketing regularly, so you have something to grind.
  • Make yourself an idea box  : it can be a simple shoebox, in which you will keep bristol cards on which you wrote down your ideas. Always keep index cards with you, and write down ideas when they come up, so you never forget them.


  • Don’t write. Do something creative, do some housework, go for a walk or take a trip to the gym. It will relax you, change your mind and stimulate your creativity.
  • If the words do not come, it may be because you have chosen to approach your subject from too vague an angle.
  • Set up a writing schedule, and stick to it. Favor short work phases, interspersed with breaks, and assign each session a goal – writing the introduction to your article, making the plan, doing additional research …
  • Cut yourself off from the world. Unplug your computer from the internet, turn off your phone and isolate yourself: you will be more concentrated.
  • Focus on simplicity. A blog post doesn’t have to be too complicated; structure your ideas into an introduction, two or three developing paragraphs and a conclusion – that’s more than enough. You can also organize your ideas in a bulleted list, which is a lot less intimidating to write than long paragraphs.
  • Learn to stop. To be creative, you need real breaks. Don’t work on weekends, and take breaks away from your desk.
  • And above all: always keep in mind that writing a novel like a blog post is an art that can be mastered by the implementation of techniques and strategies.

Do not hesitate to test these techniques, or to develop your own rituals allowing you to eliminate the anguish of the blank page . Remember, above all, that it is not the lack of inspiration that makes you dry, but the lack of good organization and working method . What about you, have you ever got stuck in front of a hopelessly empty Word document? And what are the tips you use to write your blog posts with confidence?

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