This case study highlights the importance of creating a blog to convince and educate your prospect through unique and explanatory articles that communicate our key message.

Nowadays everyone offers fitness products, fitness programs on the internet. What makes you different from others, you Nicolas? How is your product different?

Your program is complete, it allows you to acquire more flexibility, more endurance, more strength and a more aesthetic physique. In this case, the majority of people who come to you will be interested in this last aspect because it’s their look that bothers them. If you can prove to them that all points are important and that the other programs do not focus on all four, you have your differentiation.

So you created the purchasing criteria and your product is the only one that meets them. Therefore, in addition to bringing visitors, the only reason your blog exists is to convince these visitors that to achieve the goal of the look, you must also develop flexibility, endurance, strength.

Your articles must relate to this complete method.

In your next article, you should stress that a beautiful muscle is a flexible muscle, if it isn’t then it really isn’t aesthetic.

In the next one, you will stress that being muscular without having stamina is useless because our energy will not be burned properly and we will be tired all the time. However, when we are tired, we no longer want to play sports and our physique deteriorates quickly.

Gradually, each article will serve you to communicate your key message. You have to repeat this in all of your articles because it is what sets you apart from others. People will stay on your blog because they will find that they don’t find this same balanced approach elsewhere.

Another of your selling points would be that the workouts you offer are short. This is because people want quick results in a short time. You have to show that the four goals can be achieved in a few weeks, with a few short sessions each week.

Now, on your blog, you will have to integrate in all your articles, a more or less explicit allusion to your central concept, that is to say the training which combines the four criteria. By taking the initials, you suggest your SELF method.

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