Contrary to what one might think, increasing the number of subscriptions to a newsletter is not always a traffic problem. You might have a lot of traffic on your blog, but very few people end up signing up for your newsletter. Some elements are real obstacles to registration, come and find out how to avoid them! 


All too often, newsletters are confined to a small form at the bottom of the page. It is essential that the registration be offered on the home page and not on additional pages. The majority of your traffic stops reading the first page , so you should let them know about this newsletter. Don’t expect to grow your email database if you don’t clearly present what is in your newsletter. Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and try to find the reasons that would push you to subscribe .

You can opt for a pop-up window which will therefore present itself clearly to the visitor. Specify the frequency of your newsletter and the benefits that will benefit those subscribing to it. Adding an image can also be eye-catching. In order for visitors to sign up, you have to promise them something extra. If they can access the same content directly on your site, there is very little interest to them.


So that a maximum of visitors register, do not scare them. A simple name and an email address will be enough for you to be able to create a solid database. Don’t go with the idea of ​​asking for the phone number, or prospects will be afraid of being approached that way. You need to attract and gain the confidence of the visitor so that he accepts to be contacted personally . To underline your interest in it, you can suggest a list of topics and ask visitors to select their interests when registering. This way, you will be able to automatically sector your audience.

It should be possible to register in seconds, so do not ask to repeat the same information twice. In addition, specify that you comply with the Data Protection Act. So that the user can have a clear idea of ​​the content they will receive, present a link to the latest newsletter . This little trick generally makes it possible to greatly increase the number of registrants. No one signs without having seen the goods!


By taking the step to subscribe to your newsletter, Internet users expect a gesture in return. More often than not, access to additional tips and advice will be more than sufficient. You can also highlight promotions and benefits for your products or services. Generally, it is your know-how that your visitors want to benefit from. It’s up to you to satisfy them by giving them what they expect. Your newsletter should make Internet users want to come back and visit your blog and website. It is a particularly effective marketing method.

A good solution to increase the number of registrations and reduce the number of unsubscribes is to create themes. By choosing a theme developed on several newsletters, you will be able to increase the loyalty of your readers . Because that is the problem, having emails is interesting and useful, but having loyal readers is much more profitable. Do not take the risk of sending a vulgar copy of a blog post, you will be disappointed a lot. A newsletter should breathe new life into your specialty and your business.

Retain your prospects by encouraging them to subscribe to your newsletter. By showering them with rich and interesting content, you’ll be the first person they’ll remember when needed. Rest assured that your sales will necessarily benefit, even if for many of your visitors this path will be long. Writing a newsletter is not a waste of time but a powerful marketing tool that allows you to maintain contact with your prospects. Do not neglect this tool!

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