Today we are going to see how to forge partnerships with interesting people in your industry as they will bring you potential leads to start selling your product.


When starting a blog, there are several ways to think about getting money into your business. 

One of them is to try to attract as many people as possible to the blog and then monetize each visitor by posting advertising or proposing an affiliation. 

The strategy I recommend instead is to reach out to partners and convince them to promote your product. Your goal is not to waste a lot of time trying to drive traffic, but simply to get leads where they are. 

There are already people in your market who are exchanging money by purchasing the product or service. This is why it is important to find partners and negotiate an agreement to take advantage, through their promotion, of a huge flow of prospects who will discover your product very quickly.


The principle is simple since it involves exchanging one resource for another. 

Find a partner with an interesting resource, usually an audience, and offer them another essential resource:

  • Money : You can offer to pay him just so he can promote you. 

When you buy advertising from Google, it is exactly the same process, Google becomes your partner. 

However, there is a way to collect traffic in exchange for money, but without providing that money immediately; this is the classic so-called ” affiliation ” transaction . In this type of transaction, you receive qualified visitors and in return, you pay the partner only when one of these visitors buys on your site. In this case, you only pay the partner on their actual performance.

  • Traffic : The partner can, in turn, recover traffic. 

Among these traffic exchanges, one of the most classic on the Internet is link sharing. Still, this is hardly interesting, even for SEO. 

I recommend, however, that you indicate at the end of your trading contract that you wish to exchange the links. 

By increasing the number of partners, your referencing will benefit.

The really very effective type of traffic exchange is the one in the sales process path. 

In this strategy, you are going to insert yourself on the page where the partner just indicates “Well done, you have just bought my product” or “You have just subscribed to my newsletter”. You therefore suggest to him to add “Click now on this link to discover a very interesting site” and you proceed in the same way on your site to make discover your partner. 

As few people will see your list of links that is located somewhere on your site, as a flood of prospects go through the purchase confirmation pages.

Each partnership will depend essentially on what the other person is looking for, on what he knows as possibilities (some will accept very simple procedures which will be to your advantage), on your respective negotiating skills. 

Sometimes you will find someone who will agree to offer a link to your site only because they find you likable, without asking for anything in return. 

Another partner who has a site bigger than yours will offer to show your link half of the time while theirs will be there all the time, or you will have to offer their link on multiple pages.

It’s all about negotiation. Beyond the main principles offered here, you can even ask for more. The main thing is the agreement of mutual trust.

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