Writing a newsletter is a fantastic way to build customer loyalty . However, the content should always be of high quality, and original enough that subscribers read your entire texts – and that they don’t delete your emails without reading them. Fortunately, good ideas are at hand: just look for the right place to find interesting topics , which you will write the newsletters effective .


You don’t have to look very far: start by finding ideas in your niche and your own business. You can, for example, make a list of all the sub-aspects of your niche and all the topics related to it. But it is also possible to feed a newsletter with subjects directly related to the daily life of your company, with its history, or even by telling your experiences. So don’t hesitate to tell your story, and to exploit all facets of your business.


Share on FacebookThere is no need, in this case, to leave messages there; just go to a forum where your target audience meets, and read the most popular discussion threads. You can then use the topics covered and the questions asked by Internet users as a starting point for your newsletter .


Like forums, social networks are very good sources of inspiration for your newsletters; you just have to know how to exploit them. On Twitter, for example, you can search by keyword to find discussions about your products or niche. Facebook can be used in the same way, as well as LinkedIn. Also, don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to ask or survey your friends and followers for suggestions.


Although some predict the imminent demise of Google Alerts , Google’s internet alert system is still functioning, and is particularly useful for hunting ideas. With just a few clicks, you can create alerts for keywords in your niche – don’t forget to put quotes in quotes for more accurate results. Every day or every week, depending on the configuration you choose, you will receive the results with the chosen terms by email – then it’s up to you to take notes and read the articles that seem interesting to you for inspiration.

Regularly sending a newsletter to its customers requires finding many topics , which must be relevant enough to grab the attention of the recipients . Fortunately, with the internet, there are many sources of inspiration. It’s up to you to use all the possibilities of the web and all the facets of your business to write newsletters that will appeal to your customers . And you, how do you manage to feed your newsletters? Tell us how you find inspiration in the comments to this article.

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