Creating a unique and original blog is essential to stand out from the crowd and retain readers , who can then become your customers . The secret is of course the content  ; Looks, design and ease of navigation also matter, of course, but it’s the content you provide to your readers that will set you apart from the dozens, if not hundreds, more than anything else. bloggers who have chosen the same niche as you. In this article, we have put together for you the four ingredients that will allow you to concoct a blog that is unlike any other , and that will attract a loyal readership.


Okay, that seems obvious, but it feels good to remember it anyway, as plagiarism is so ravaging on the internet. Above all, never copy other people’s texts. They made the effort to research and write, and by copying them, you are stealing them. Think about the reputation of your brand, which would inevitably suffer from such an act. There are so many copiers on the internet that providing unique content is the first step in getting noticed. Make your blog an original and unique space.


The first thing is to personalize at least the blog template you have chosen, with a little time and patience, so that it reflects the values ​​and spirit of your blog and your brand. But the content must also be personalized; readers should be able to identify your blogger voice, which they will come to love. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself with your style, but also in what you say. Draw on your personal experiences, tell anecdotes, stories that challenge, appeal and inspire emotions and reflection in your readers. They will feel closer to you, and will want to come back to visit your site.


Write in your blog what no one has yet had the idea of ​​writing.
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Share on FacebookTo do this, do your research, read blogs dedicated to your niche, and find a different, yet untapped, angle. Don’t be afraid to shock and challenge your readers, shake up conventions, express your opinions and take a stand. Even when writing on the most mundane subject, it is possible to adopt a new point of view .


Once you have chosen your niche , you can select the few topics that you will cover in your blog. But do not scatter yourself; To impress readers so much that they keep coming back to read you again and again, you have to be one of the best in your field. Document yourself, browse the forums, read books, write reading sheets … anything that can feed your knowledge of the subject. Most bloggers write very generic articles, and the more specialized you are, the more likely you are to convince Internet users that you are a true expert . With your credibility, you will gain the trust of readers .

If we had only to give you blogging advice , it would be to write only articles that you would like to read and share  ; if so, you are on the right track. And you, what ingredients did you use to create your blog  ? Do not hesitate to tell us about your experience in the comments of this article!

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