In this video, I analyze with my guest Aurélien Amacker the strategy he used for the Orchestrated Launch of his blog with the theme Why create a blog . 

For this Orchestrated Launch, Aurélien then chose to answer this question using a video format. Its goal was to guide its visitors through 4 explanatory videos and generate a maximum of engagement and comments. 

Discover the two tips that allowed Aurélien to receive more than 2,000 comments on just one of his launch videos and 11,000 registrations. But before that, let’s go back in detail to the first video published on Aurélien’s site. 


The first interesting point to underline is that Aurélien modeled the Orchestrated Launch of his site on his own history. That is to say that the initial video which tells of his journey and his beginnings allows the visitor to identify himself easily. In other words, Aurélien puts himself in the place of his prospect and at the stage where he is currently. 

The video begins with Aurélien at La Défense. He explains why he turned down a well-paid job at the Defense Ministry to live by traveling. Indeed, we learn that it is to live off his passion and finance his travels that Aurélien has embarked on blogging.

But how do you get there? 

Here is what Aurélien is at stake with this video series. 

Through his videos, he wants to offer simple and effective advice to his listeners so that they can in turn increase their income and finance their passion through their blog.

As he explains, starting a blog is a way to earn income without the need for special technical knowledge. 


By looking more closely at the format of the video published by Aurélien, we realize that there is no slider which generally allows the video to advance. The idea is to prevent people from going straight to the end of the video and to force them to watch the video in its entirety by following the logical sequence thought by Aurélien.

Remember that the Internet user’s fault is their lack of attention. As soon as he can zap, we lose his commitment and his interest. It is for this purpose that it is necessary to avoid as much as possible that he is distracted.


The second tip to remember from the Aurélien Orchestrated Launch is the importance of the call to action. 

Below the video, a blog is integrated with a call to action, where Aurélien says exactly what to do: leave a comment, explain what is blocking you and preventing you from moving forward. This type of call to action is also found during the video as well as at the end of the video.

Aurélien recalls the importance of this practice. The more reviews people leave, the more involved and potentially interested they will be in purchasing the product. 

Does it really work you will ask me?

You should know that Aurélien’s first video generated more than 2,000 comments. Over 11,000 people signed up for the launch list. It was a world record at the time! 

What do you think of these two tips? Are you going to apply them? Please feel free to share your opinion and ask me all your questions in the comments below.

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